Top Tips for Coaches Using SmartCoach

We've made a list of our top tips, so that you can have the best possible experience on SmartCoach!


Recommended Browser

We recommend using Google Chrome, as this browser is best able to cope with the technology that SmartCoach uses! This can be downloaded for free from


What Device?

SmartCoach isn't fully mobile responsive yet, so we recommend using a laptop or PC to watch videos.


Video Load Time

Videos can take a while to load, depending on your internet connection. The best idea is to click on an unreviewed video, press accept and then leave the video to load. SmartCoach loads the entire video before you're allowed to start watching, so that it doesn't buffer at all while you're recording. Your video is ready to watch as soon as the pink spinning circle disappears. You are able to continue using your computer while it loads - you don't need to stay on the SmartCoach tab, it will load in the background as long as your browser is left open.


Replaying a Video

If you would prefer to watch the video through first, or you're not happy with your recording you are able to replay the video. To do this press the pink stop button and then press cancel - this will mean that the video is not sent to the rider and you can replay as many times as you would like.


When the Video Ends

You can continue to talk for as long as you like after the video has ended, so you're welcome to provide an overview or continue explaining the point you were talking about. Once you've finished talking just press the stop button to end the recording session.



Your first ever payment from us will arrive in your bank account within 7 days of completing the video. After that payment will be received within 4 days. Payment is automatic - all you have to do is complete a video to receive payment, no other steps are required.


We really hope that you’ve found this blog post helpful! Feel free to share as well as comment any questions that you may have, or suggestions for future blog posts!



Philipp Oxenius2018-05-25 05:10:06

Very good block. Thanks, keeps us informed

    Nicole2018-05-25 19:35:38

    Thanks Philipp!


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