New Pricing Structure for Coaches

Great news coaches! We have decided to remove paid subscriptions for coaches – permanently! This means that you can coach on SmartCoach for free, forever.


The only costs you will ever face is our very low transaction fee of 4% of the lesson price (with a minimum of $2) to cover the costs we face from automating payments, so that you get paid without ever having to think about it!

Now there is no risk at all involved with being a coach on SmartCoach – it is impossible to make a loss on our website! This means that if you have a quiet month or go away on holiday you will not incur any costs.


We really value all of the coaches on our website, so we want to make the SmartCoach experience an enjoyable one and we thought, what better way than to make it risk-free?

You still experience all of the same benefits as under our old subscription pricing, such as earning more money (you set your own prices), staying connected with clients, and working at times that suit you!


We really hope that you’ve found this blog post helpful! Feel free to share as well as comment any questions that you may have, or suggestions for future blog posts!



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