What kind of videos can I upload?

You are able to upload any video that is up to 5 minutes in length, and 750MB in size.


You can choose to send either a raw or edited video, but bear in mind that a coach will be watching it, so you don’t want to flick between clips too quickly or have a large portion of the video in an area of the arena that is difficult to see (due to it looking into the sun, being far away etc.)


The most important thing is to take a video that is of a high enough resolution that the coach or judge can see you well enough to be able to offer advice. If you are very far away or the video is super blurry then it will be difficult for the coach to do their job! You can film from a video camera or a phone if the camera is of a high quality. Filming from a tripod is ideal if you’re able to, but it doesn’t matter if this is not possible – just try to keep the video as still as possible!


Just remember that the video doesn’t have to be perfect, but the better quality the video is, the easier it is for your coach to offer advice!



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