How can SmartCoach help me as a rider?

We’re sure that there are many riders out there wondering if it is worth their while signing up to be an athlete on SmartCoach. There are always so many things that promise to be the ‘best thing that’s ever happened to your riding’, so it’s not surprising if you’re a little sceptical about how SmartCoach can work for you! We’ve put together a short list of the benefits of being a part of SmartCoach.


Perfect for busy people

Most riders have to balance riding with family, school, university or work commitments and it can be super difficult to find the time to get to a coach when you are juggling so many things already! With SmartCoach you just get a video of yourself riding whenever you have time, then send it through to your coach. You will then be notified when your video has been returned by your coach, so that you can see what areas of your ride you can improve for next time!


Cost effective

With SmartCoach you are only paying for a very short period of time, in which you are working on exactly what you choose to work on. This means you pay for advice on what you were wanting to work on, as well as paying a considerably lower lesson price than if you were to have a lesson in person (in which you are generally paying for 45 minutes to an hour of your coach’s time.


Great for people in remote locations

Living in a remote location can make riding horses competitively considerably more difficult, as well as more expensive. It is often difficult to get coaches at all, let alone regularly, so you’re regularly left in a situation where you self-teach most of the time. While this can develop your riding and knowledge through having no choice but to rely on yourself, it can also really slow down progress. SmartCoach allows you to connect with coaches and judges, regardless of where you live and where the coach you’d like to train with lives.


Can be used as a total training tool…

You are able to learn enough from having access to experienced coaches regularly on SmartCoach that the need to have a lesson ‘in-person’ is not necessary. Research has shown that learning a smaller amount of information more regularly is a much faster way of improving your knowledge of a subject area, so there are many benefits to using SmartCoach as a total learning tool in terms of retaining information that you’ve learnt.


Or it can supplement your regular physical lessons!

It can work really well to supplement your usual lessons with online coaching through SmartCoach. Often in lessons we are told to work on something in between lessons, but this is often doing an exercise that we find difficult or haven’t done much before. This is where having feedback on how well you’re doing your ‘homework’ would come in handy! This way you’re able to progress much more rapidly, as well as ensure that you are learning the exercise or skill correctly.


Works for all disciplines

This is not a tool that can only be used by dressage riders – any discipline works well, including show jumping, in-hand work, rider fitness and western disciplines. We are all looking to improve our riding, and it is often particularly helpful to see what it is that your instructor wants you to work on. For example, you can often feel like you are sitting straight while riding, but in reality, you may be leaning to one side. This is where watching a video is perfect – you can see for yourself that you are in fact crooked, despite feeling like you were sitting straight at the time! SmartCoach is designed to help you to improve with the help of an experienced coach or judge, so if you are looking to better your riding, ground work, or even your fitness and flexibility, then SmartCoach can be an excellent tool.


Works for all levels

SmartCoach is perfect for anyone who wants to improve – whether you want to learn some basic handling techniques, or want to go to the Olympics! You don’t need to be a competitive rider to use the website, all you need is a desire to learn! Coaches and judges of all levels of experience are able to join, so there will be something for everyone!


We really hope that you’ve found this blog post helpful! Feel free to share, as well as comment any questions that you may have, or suggestions for future blog posts!



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