Should I sign up as a coach or judge on SmartCoach?

We’re sure that there are many coaches out there wondering if it is worth their while signing up to be a coach or judge on SmartCoach. Professional equestrians are some of the busiest people around with constant demands from clients for lessons, horse schooling, agistment etc. as well as keeping up with competition and training schedules, so we understand people being reluctant to take even more on! We’ve put together a short list of the benefits of being a part of SmartCoach.


Create another revenue stream

We all know that horses are not cheap! Most coaches/judges are looking for another way to earn money to keep everything running, or to put money aside to save up for a bigger purchase. SmartCoach allows you to set your own lesson price, and you are automatically paid (either into your bank account or onto your credit card) as soon as you have finished watching a video! This means the hassle of chasing up clients who don’t always pay on time is completely removed, and you don’t have to worry about checking your bank account to see who has paid and who hasn’t.



You are able to watch videos sent to you at any time, and from any location that you like. This means that you no longer have to worry about squeezing lessons in before it gets dark, or deal with the hassle of aligning schedules with your clients. All that you need is 5 minutes of your time (this is the maximum length of videos that can be sent by riders) and an internet connection! If coaching riders from the comfort of your bed sounds like heaven, then this could be the website for you!


Very low cost

We have designed our app to be as low cost as possible, in order to make it accessible to everyone. Subscriptions are only $5/month, which is far less than the cost of the wear on your arena from use by clients, or the cost of travel! This subscription only kicks in once you've earned $50 through our website. This means there is no financial risk at all in signing up - if you don't earn much money through our website then we won't charge you! There is also a very small transaction fee per video (4%, with a minimum of $2) to cover the credit card transaction fees we face.


Gives you the opportunity to help more people

Most coaches coach because they genuinely want to help people to improve. Through our website you can access a wide variety of riders and help them to improve their performance. Your experience and knowledge can be utilised by a rider regardless of their location or schedule. SmartCoach also gives you the opportunity to build your client base if this is something that you want to do.


Stay connected

For those of you who do clinics around the country it can be very difficult to see your clients regularly enough to ensure that they continue to progress. SmartCoach allows you to continue coaching your clients in between your usual visits, meaning they’re able to progress much more quickly and are far less likely to forget what they were taught.


Coaches of all levels are able to join SmartCoach - whether you’re coaching at the highest level, or are just starting out. People of all disciplines, ages, and stages can join SmartCoach, meaning you are able to find your own niche and coach people who could benefit from your particular set of skills and experience.


We really hope that you’ve found this blog post helpful! Feel free to share as well as comment any questions that you may have, or suggestions for future blog posts!

SC xx



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