What is SmartCoach?

What is SmartCoach?

SmartCoach is a website that allows athletes to connect with coaches and judges, regardless of their location, budget, or schedule.

We aim to give riders the opportunity to train with coaches that they would not otherwise be able to train with, as well as allowing them to train more frequently with their regular coach.

Coaches are able to build their client base, create an additional revenue stream, and help clients that they are not able to teach as often as they would like, making this an ideal website for coaches - regardless of their level of experience and qualifications!

SmartCoach has been developed with the latest research in the way our brains learn in mind. Research has shown that learning using multiple senses is an extremely effective way of teaching your brain new information, as well as helping it to retain this new knowledge. SmartCoach makes the most of this, as you feel what your body is doing at the time the video is taken. You are then able to watch the video while listening to the comments from the coach or judge that you selected. The video is synced with your coaches' feedback, meaning you hear what needs to be improved at exactly the right moment. The videos are saved in the cloud, so you can access them at any time from anywhere with an internet connection. This means that riders' learning opportunities will be maximised through the use of our website as a supplementary, or even complete, training resource.

We are so excited to present a new way to train that benefits both riders and coaches/judges!


How does it work?

You can send a short video to the coach or judge of your choice, to gain their feedback on your riding, and any tips they have for future improvement. This feedback is provided by a coach or judge who talks aloud while they are watching your video. Their voice is automatically recorded and synced with your video, so you can hear appropriate comments at exactly the right moments.

You are also able to send a video of yourself riding through a test, round, workout etc. to a judge in your discipline. They then provide feedback about your performance as if it were a competition. This has advantages greater than what you get at a competition, as you can see what they are talking about as they provide feedback, as well as hear more detailed comments than what a writer is able to put on the scoring sheet. This can be a great training tool, and is particularly useful if you are looking to move up a level and want to see if your horse is ready; or if you would like to score higher than you currently are, and would like feedback from a judge’s perspective on where you are losing marks.


We really hope that you’ve found this blog post helpful! Feel free to share as well as comment any questions that you may have, or suggestions for future blog posts!




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